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Myr 400 1 hour

My Introduction

This woman is very sensual and passionate. She will provide you a high class companionship that will work towards relieving you of tension and stress that you acquire from daily living and working. Lavenda is very talented ,it won’t be a surprise to see this busty escort Bukit Bintang very much intrigued and having a lot of tricks to help you relax and be at ease. Be open to tell her everything that you want done; it’s a fascinating experience, and every man deserves this, so don’t allow yourself to be left out, especially when you have Holly besides you. Consider yourself as your best friend; and give this as a gift to yourself.

Booking Lavenda with us couldn’t be more simple and hassle-free. Simply dial our numbers +6 0134423538. Our accommodating and friendly receptionists will make your process of booking Lavenda with us very simple. They will allow you to just focus on the pleasure that you will surely experience later. When you meet her, she’ll make your jaws drop. With 5’7” height, Lavenda is a sensual stunner; you’ll be hooked by her sensual beauty.

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