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Kuala Lumpur

Mobile : +60134423538

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After 1.30 pm


Myr 400 1 hour

This recommended escort also provides GFE (girl friend experience), where she will demonstrate more affection, intimacy and display of appreciation. She ensures that you are appreciated and valued, so that you feel that you are experiencing real and traditional dating. Farhana will show that she finds you attractive and desirable and that you are having a sense of anticipation of the possible things that may happen after wards.

The best part of this GFE service is that you get to spend time with Fahana and are able to know her better on a more intimate and personal level. Knowing and dating a woman like Fahana allows you to experience all the things such as emotions, passion, feelings and desire for someone, who you can relate to.

Farhana is an elite escort and when you date her, you can be rest assured that she will focus her attention on only you, whether you are in the privacy of your hotel or resident. Her attention will not be diverted from you and all your needs will be responded and attended to in total concentration. This feeling could be an intoxicating one and which will have you coming back to her time and again.

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